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Your paint should show reflections... not unsightly defects. Swirls, holograms, scratches all affect the appearance and value of your vehicle.  A lot of quick "detail" shops will use products that mask these imperfections providing a temporary fix to some of these issues.  "Paint Correction" is a multi-step process designed to take your vehicle back to a "like new" condition or BEYOND! Following an extensive decontamination process, your vehicle will be treated with the best polishing products and techniques to deliver desired finish.  When completed, a comprehensive inspection of your paint is performed prior to application of the protection that lasts from months to several years!


This Service goes BEYOND a standard Detail by repairing damage incurred on your painted surfaces.  Every vehicle is unique and presents its own challenges when correcting so a thorough and comprehensive consultation is recommended prior to scheduling.  During the consultation we will assess your vehicle's paint to determine the proper way to execute the repair.  We will measure the paint depth and perform a test spot to identify safest method to achieve desired result.  Paint Correction services start at $499.  To schedule a visit or consultation please click the link: 

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