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"My review will be no surprise for anyone who's worked with Chris and A Buff and Beyond Automotive Solutions. We all are well aware of the warm professionalism and can-do spirit. For those who haven't met Chris and experienced his talent and dedication: you must prepare yourself. You are be entering the 'No Disappointment Zone' when you cross that threshold. Every part of my project was not only met, but exceeded with a calm, efficient and solid approach. Wishlist: Done. Extras that I hadn't even thought of: Done. Post-Project Support: Done. Delivered on time, as promised: Done. Thank you very much!!!"- Sean L.

"Chris is meticulous and dedicated his craft. He did wonders with my car which was a mess with track grime and left it looking great. He also managed to correct some kind of oxidation on the rear of the car that I had given up on and thought I would have to have repainted. Excellent work all the way around."  - Alan C.

"Chris is very trustworthy and an expert at detailing. The new shop is well equipped to handle any detailing needs and also has a nice lounge area to wait with wifi. I've been able to work onsite several times while Chris cleans my car. Prices are also very reasonable." - Paul S.

"Outstanding work last year restoring the paint on my 2002 Maserati. About to take it in for the annual refresh!" - Steve C.

"These guys literally will bust their butt to get your car clean. 2 cars full of softball life, and somehow they get them spotless. Good price and fast turn around. You get what you pay for, a super clean, fresh car." - Lauren K.

"I came to chris at a buff and beyond with one thing in mind to get my car clean and to a show car standard now my car was recently repainted and looked really good or so I thought after dropping it of to chris it was a night and day difference the car really shined as before it just had a dull look to it every inch of the car was clean to sum it up it was perfect more than impressed with his work if you want your car to be next level clean go to a buff and beyond now !!! " - Michael L.

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