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Having established a reputation for delivering cutting edge results from all of its ceramic coatings, CarPro designs, manufactures, and offers an entire line of easy to use products to help preserve your car's finish. CQuartz coatings lead the industry with constant advances, but no other company takes as much pride and care with every installer application they review! Thousands of detailers in North America apply to become CQuartz Professionals and only a select few are approved because of the standards for quality of work and integrity that CarPro demands from each installer.  C.Quartz FINEST is the most exclusive automotive surface protection in the world due to the quality, talent, and character of the few who are allowed to install it! Only one of every 200+ applicants is approved, ensuring any Finest authorized installer you visit is among the best detailers in the world. During the vetting process we focus on their paint polishing skills and knowledge as well as the many intangibles. With a laser point focus on integrity, honesty, professionalism and doing things the “right way” we are proud that your experience will be one of excellence throughout our network! 

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CQuartz Classic / UK   
CQuartz Professional 
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